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I'm a busy guy... [Mar. 27th, 2007|04:09 pm]
[Current Location |in your pants]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |SP "Hello Kitty Kat"]

So I frankly cant remember the last time I posted. But that is because I em in fact a busy guy lately. But I wouldnt have it any other way. For one thing I've been elected Warden of my fraturnity. I'm honored that my brothers are trusting in me to have this position and responsiblity. It does mean however that I cant skimp on frat stuff anymore. That means I cant bug out of a meeting early to leave to a weekend hunting trip, or not show up to a event because other freinds of mine want to hit the bars. But its only a year, and a great honor so I'm happy to have the job.

I've been keeping up with getting back...hell getting in shape. I've been running nearly every day, going to the gym at least 3 times a week to lift, eating a much better diet, and I signed up for RAGBRAI again so I've been hitting the roads on my bike. I'm currently lining up a new bike from my brother Franks freind Ryan who works for Schwinn. Apperntly he can get a really great deal on a nice bike for me, so I'm looking forward to that. I havent actually weighted myself, but not counting weight gained throw larger muscle mass I think I'm lost about 20 pounds, maybe a little less. Which I think is pretty good considering I've only been at it since new years.

School is really going well for me this semester. I running about a 3.5 GPA for the semester with 15 credits, which I think is just enough to keep me on my toes, but not to many that I feel overhelmed, or to little that I lose momentum. I'm really been working hard my ADV GIS class. We have a final project in there where we more or less make a report on what ever we want. My partner Ashley and I decided apon looking at how Buck Thorn reacts to treatment. I had to plot out survey areas and take GPS cordinates of where I found buck thorn in the survey area. I did all this over spring break back home in B town, so Ashley said she'll do some more of the later writing.

So speaking of busy, last saturday was all over the place. I got up at 6 to get on a bus down to indy with bunch of other VU students to protest the war in Iraq. About 250 people from all over the state showed up to listen to speakers, and bands. There was one speaker who was especially heart touching, he was a solder in Iraq and he killed a man. Now he says that he feels less human for doing it. Of course this had to bring a little oppisition especially in backward ass state like Indiana. There was a counter protest by Christian Fundimentalists, more or less their message was that protesting against the government was as good as protesting against god, and that if we didnt repent we would all go to hell... yeah ok buddy. All in all I would say it was a success, we showed that there are students out there who are pissed off about this greivous violation of international law to do something about it. It definetly gave me some new zeal about my views on the war.
Just FYI I dont think we should pull out right away, but I dont beileve that this is the kind of conflict we can solve with arms. This needs to be talked out by the people of Iraq, and guided by the international community.
In anycase I em now a offical political activist, woot....that explains what that guy in a suit and dark sun glasses was doing in my garbage.
Later that night Phi Mu Alpha had SAI(music soriety) over for dinner, and after words a few of us went line dancing...thats right country line dancing. It was actually aLOT of fun, and a really good work out. I of course looked like a complete idoit on the floor, but I was able to pick up on a few of the moves, and of course the ladies we were with just loved watching nearly kill myself. Everything was going good until my roomy ryan got caught drinking someone elses beer and was kicked out for being a minor. We were about ready to go home anyway, and as red neck as line dancing is I'd do it again.

Well like I said I'm a busy guy, and right now I just got back from a run. Now i need to shower, dress, eat and get the Jazz combo on time so until next time Go fuck yourself San Diego.

P.S. Kris you look AMAZING in your wedding dress, Jamies a lucky guy.
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Busy weekend [Jan. 29th, 2007|12:07 am]
[Current Location |da Attic]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |"ZERO" The Smashing Pumpkns]

Man what a weekend. FIrst off it was my frat big bro Toms 21st on friday night (yeah I'm his little, and I'm older...weird), in any case I took him out to the bars with a few other guys. He had a good time until I lost track of him at Duffies (a local bar) and people started buying him drinks, alot of drinks. Something like 5 shots, a jack and coke, and the better half of a pitcher of beer in about a half hour he wasnt feeling so hot so I took him home. He ended up passing out on a couch, and woke up feeling better then I thought he would. He said he had a good time so thats all good.

Saturday we had regressive dinner as a rush event. Regressive dinner is when you do everything backwards so we had desert at the VUCA, then the main dish at another hall, then appitizers back here at the house. We usually round off our rush with some goofy meal. last semester is was digressive dinner. first we started off with appitizers, then we had desert, then we got distracted and played horse shoes...you get the idea.

right after that we had to vote on who we were going to give bids to join to, and that lasted 3 hours. 3 hours of decideing who we should give a bid too based on who came to rush events, and also who meet the still slightly vag qualities that make a good brother. Frankly it could have taken even longer, but all for a good cause. We ended up writing 17 bids.

Later that night I and my bro Ben head out to a apartment party that my buddies haveing(Just for clarifaction from now on in this blog when I type bro I mean frat brother, when I type brother I mean one of my actual brothers.) well Everyone gets lit but me...I want to play cards, not drink especially since I was our DD. It comes down to me and 2 Saudi guys and I'm basicly tied for the chip lead. Its 3 30am and I just want to end the game and go home. We end up having everyone go all in on one last hand. All I got is a ace high the guy to my left has pair of queens, the other pair of 8s with the flop. They split the winnings $20, $10, and I get nota...and on top of that people are slaming the whiskey i brought all night so more then half of that is gone. Well I still had a good time, and Ben had a great time so even thou I lost the poker game it was win win.

Today was mostly about homework, oh and a wicked lake effect snow storm! It dumped about 3 inchs in about 2 hours at some points you couldnt see more then 100 feet out a window, then 15 min it would be clear with blue skies, then another squal would hit, ahh I love lake effect. I also found out my cousin Tommy is engaged, with a wedding thats suppose to be in the fall some time, that will be one hell of a party.
tonight all us frat boys got dressed up to hand out bids to who we hope will be future brothers. We ended up bidding my former roomy Niles, and since we're still good friends I was assigned to hand him his bid. Problem was that he wasnt in his room, nor at the chapel, nor at the union, nor any of his usual sunday night haunts. I eventually called his girls cell, and I got him to meet in the union at 1040. He finally got his bid, and I really hope he turns it in and becomes a brother. Niles is a hell of a guy, and a really good friend, I'm sure he'd make a fine brother in our fine fine fraturnity.

SO that was alot of rambling. I bet your all wondering how I be, well I'm pretty good. I still have to pay my tuition with my mothers life insurence ( god rest her soul), oh yeah and rent, and I have alot going on tomarrow and for the rest of the week, but I did just find out a paper I was worried about is due thurs not tues so its all gravy. I've been working out, and running nearly everyday for he last few weeks, and I think its really starting to pay off. I feel more energetic, and have alot more confidence even to the point were I have to worry about being a little bit of a ass. For the first time in a while I actually feel pretty damn content with my life. My classes are all going well. probably because of my crazy roomies. I'd be to distracked to do anything here at the house so I've been going to the library all the time, and its really paying off.

Yep life is pretty good, expect this winter crap has to quit, I'm ready for some green again, enough of this cold bs,

Until my next late night ramboling post
Keep on rock'n in the free world
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I'm so full... [Jan. 26th, 2007|03:29 pm]
[Current Location |da attic]
[mood |quixoticquixotic]
[music |Spitefire (The Prodigy)]

So Instead of going to my Theo 200 class today, I went to "adventures in dinner" at Berg caffatria with my bros Jacob, Marc, and Marcs girl Laura. It was all free food that the dinning staff wanted to try out on students. Holy shit I ate WAY to much, but for once Valpo food actually tasted good (well for the most part), and it was all free. In any case I think going to adventures in dinning and not theo 200 was the best decision I have made in weeks.

Beyond that classes are going well. The only class I can imagion having any trouble in so far is POLS 120, and the only reason for that is that its at 8 15 in the morning, I dont do well with early mornings. My GIS class isnt as hard as i thought it was going to be. I'm finding out that my lab partner, who I orginally thought was going to be trouble since as soon as she found out I was her partner she raised her hand to ask if we'll change partners some time in the semester, is actually really good to work with, and shes pretty cool once I got to know her. I should be getting a little brother in the frat in a few days, and tonight is my brother Tom Ritter (we all call in Titter) 21 b day. So naturally we're going to get him good and drunk, so that should be fun.

So I probably took in more calories then most south African children get in a year, so in their honor I'm going to go run a little of it off. later!
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opps [Jan. 17th, 2007|06:34 pm]
[Current Location |da Attic]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |99 red balloons]

This was suppose to be a cool livejournal love o meter thing, but after 4 trys to get it to work...it doesnt so oh well.

all is good, besides that I'm really beat myself together running out in the 15 degree weather. Guess I need to do more running to get in shape, so my lungs wont still be hurting 2 hours later.
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New Year [Jan. 14th, 2007|05:37 pm]
HI...... So maybe I havent up dated in like ptttfff a semester, big deal. So last semester went well. I got a 3.5 GPA over all for the semester. Hunting could have been better but hey thats just the way the wind blows. I did get a deer and I'm enjoying the venison off it on about a weekly basis. I ended the year with a trip to AZ to see some family down there. In AZ I found out that I have 4 new foster cousins, all little girls, and I quickly became the favorite cousin. They were jumping all over me, making me give piggy back rides, and grabbing my ears. I also had the chance to take my little cousin Justin out duck hunting on the salt river out there. Now I was kinda skeptical that there are really ducks in AZ but I guess there are because we had 2 really great hunts. It was nice to work with birds that would actually come to your calling. I actially worked these birds right into our laps.

So enough about last year. Its 2007 and I'm in all new classes, everyone of em I'm looking forward to besides Theo 200 which is a stupid gen ed. I'm still very active in Phi Mu Alpha and living up in the attic of the house with my roomies Ben and Ryan, but John Wattson was replaced by Ian Adkins. I'm still single, but I have been more and more social so the more mixing I do the better, and who knows maybe I'll run into miss right one of these nights, or at the very least miss right now. Hunting season is all but over, and that kinda sucks. I have enough things to occupy my time but I'm still going to miss those morning on the marsh, I've been trying to get in shape again, with some success but I really need to just start running everyother day again, and hitting the weights 3 days a week to get into some sort of beach body. Not that I'm really to terribly concerned about being some sort of buff guy, but I wouldnt mind to loss a bit more mid rift, and gain a little upper body strength. and thats the current situation.

So all in all I'm feeling pretty good about life right now, I'm looking forward to a New Year with all sorts of possiblites, I'll just have to see what comes and roll with the punchs. Happy New Year Everybody!
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Trying times indeed... [Aug. 24th, 2006|12:00 am]
[Current Location |The Attic]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |Prodigy "Breathe"]

So on top of frat stuff going down, people moving, and classes starting yesterday, my grandmother Dorthy passed away on saturday at about 2 in the afternoon. So on tuesday which was the first day of classes, i had to run home for the wake that night, and the funeral today. I suppose the hardest part of the whole thing wasnt the lose of grandma Dorthy, but the fact that my grandfather is a widower for the second time in his life, He lost his first wife to cancer years before I was even born. I'm man enough to admit it I did cry...but only a little. In anycase it was kinda nice to see some family I havent seen in a while even thou the circumstances sucked. I had the chance to pick up my uncle Todd, his wife Judith, and my little cousin dawny, whos 6 years old at O'Hare late last night. Dawny is just to freaking cute, shes the best kind of little girl, polite, and full of energy. She asks so many questions, its as if her young mind is a sponge thristing for knowledge, its pretty cool. So I guess the whole thing wasnt bad.

I missed my first GIS class today for the funeral which sucks, but I'll be meeting with the prof tomarrow to talk about what went down.

So in case no one noticed for some reason we had lake effect tornados this afternoon in IN...well ok they werent caused by the lake, but we did have some pretty wicked weather blow through. A Mesocollum (rotating up draft of a thunderstorm) was spotting going right over campus right before VU got hammered with 2 inchs of rain in about 20 min with marble sized hail mixed in, and gusting winds which took down branches in town. And where was I during all this? Well I ws off looking at a potentially tornadic storm to the SE of Valpo that looked even more impressive, and had already spawned one twister in Michigan city, thou sadly I must say it failed to spawn any more cyclones, good for the farmers and their corn...bad for me and Casey mt chasing partner. Thou on the way home we found ourselves driving through that torent of rain and hail that Valpo was hit with. It was so heavy at one point I actually had to pull off the road since I couldnt see more then 10 feet infront of me.
So i guess when you think about it it was kind of a mixed bag of a day, the funeral was hard to go through, but the chase sure was a breathe of fresh air.

On a much liter note. If all things go well in my classes for Geoscience, I will be offered a intership here at Valpo for studying sand islands south of the Kankakee River, with my new Geo Prof Janke, (prenonced Yankey) on top of that I should be headed to AZ to study how wildlife is changing the landscape of the desert, and then in June, if it doesnt conflict with Kat's wedding I should be headed to ALASKA, to study the Alpine glaciers there! FREAKING SWEET DUDE! I'm suddenly really glad I changed Majors to Geoscience all sorts of things are opening up for me!

well folks its 12 22 am and I've had a long long day so I think I'm going to hit the hey
good night to all and to all a good night.
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Dreaming of things to come. [Aug. 13th, 2006|08:19 pm]
[Current Location |The Attic]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |"the Hills of Ireland" Mychael Danna And Jeff Danna]

So first a little explaination about my last post. Well I was having a really shitty night, and feeling pissed off at the world, and I was also informed that a young lady I have interest had just been snatched up by come jack ass jock, So i took my anger out of my love life, and my livejournal. I'm pretty sure thats not what i think of love, hell my freinds and brothers have found love, and at one point I was damn sure I had too, so I guess I find out when/if it ever happens again, which I sure it will...I hope.

In any case this time of year is always one that is fills me with sense of antisipation. School is starting soon, and so is hunting season, and generally my favorite time of year the fall. I really do miss the cool autumn breeze, and how the colored leaves make a high pressure sky seem even more blue.

And I think that because I'm looking forward to the coming months so much, I'm starting to have dreams about duck hunting, and autumn leaves, and the such all of which will come. But I've also been having another dream one that is recurring, and its weird. In it I'm a angel, a arch angel in fact, I have wings on my back, glowing armor, and a big ass broad sword, and I go about slaying demons, and all sorts of evil things. What does this mean? something about how I'm suppose to be a destroyer of evil? Or that in some future life I'll be like Micheals arch angels, or is it some other medifore? Like maybe I need to destroy the evils in my life? but like what, I'm a pretty good kid? I'm not a real religous man thanks to my questioning nature, but I have found in the past that the present, or the near future has some bearing on my dreams. What could this mean? maybe nothing, could just be a reacuring theme in my subcon, but then again maybe not... a thing to ponder.

Besides that I'm leaving menards on weds to get ready for school, and not a day too soon. It wasnt a bad job, but man I'm ready for school.

Well I hope everyone is well, I'll update when something new comes up.
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No such thing... [Aug. 11th, 2006|12:35 am]
[mood |fuck off]

There is no such thing as love. Its just a made up word, a marketing ploy to make us all buy flowers, candle light dinners, sexy lingerie, and wedding rings. All love is is sexual attraction, and once that is gone all that is left is the hollow social contract you made with some person.

At least that is what I'm begining to beileve, its all a ploy, sheet thrown over our eyes to blind us from how unfullfiled we really are.

So I guess I should say screw it, I shouldn't bother with "love" I should just concentrate on the things that do make me happy, because that word has only brought me sorrow.

Maybe I'm just having a rough night, or maybe just a rough year..., or maybe a rough life so far, but thats how things are starting to seem. Because i can find no major fault in myself, therefore the whole game inwhich I'm trying to play is at fault.

maybe I just need a good night sleep... well I'll let you all know how i feel in the morning, that is if anyone ever reads this stupid thing anyway
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Lance spoting [Jul. 26th, 2006|04:54 pm]
[Current Location |Newton IO]
[mood |dirtydirty]
[music |AC hum of internet company trailer]

So for those of you who dont know I'm currently on a bike ride arcoss Iowa, with about 10,000 other riders, and on every famous one. On todays stage for at least part of the way 7 time tour de France champ Lance Armstrong rode on RAGBRAI, and better yet I saw him! So what if it was about .5 seconds while the paliton he was leading blew by me? I actually saw the man. And even kept up with his huge following for about 2 or 3 miles. Besides that This years Ragbrai has been a little harder then I expected, but I'm hanging in there. Monday had the most climbing and to boot we had a head wind most of the way. Lots of riders just gave up, and got a ride, and some even collasped. But not me. It was one of the hardest days on RAGBRAI I have ever had, but i made it in to the finishing town. I would have to say that I feel Physically up to the ride, the problem comes from weird nagging problems, like I have been getting a lot of stomach aches, on top of that I have not been getting very good sleep, infact 3 to 4 hours a night. and man is it HOT! its getting into the 90s everyday, with little or no cloud cover so that sun just beats the hell out of you. Besides all that I'M HAVEING A BLAST! Iowaians are really nice, all the small towns we ride through are all really cool, and the food in most cases is fantasitic. Not only that but this ride has historically lost me 10+ pounds through out the week, In any case, I just got into the sleep over town, so I'm going to set up my tent, take a shower, and find some grub. FYI This ride gets done on Saturday, but I wont be back in B-town/Valpo until sunday since my dad and I have a duck blind drawing to attend.

Hope everything is going well in all yalls life, LATER!
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life sucks [Jul. 9th, 2006|07:24 pm]
[Current Location |Attic]
[mood |crappycrappy]

Some times it just seems like everything in life is shitty all at the same time. Today was kinda like that. First off at work a rumor had been going around that I was slacking off when it came to closing up the store, (I think it was because I worked near the guy who is really slacking off, and it just got peged to me since I'm the new guy) so that meant I was followed by the manager all day, basicly retraining all the closing stuff. It was very condensending, I hate it when people feel the need to take me by the hand and show me how to do something I would much rather just learn it on my own. So that sucked.

On top of that I get a phone call at work, Its my frat bro Nate bitching me out about the lawn, I told him I'll do it, but he decided that it was best to call me and leave me a bitchy little message about it, and how he tried to get it to work, and that it still leaking gas. More and more I feel Isolated from Nate and Marc (the 2 other guys living here at the house) they make meals for each other, but do not included enough food for me, They always have their door closed, which I'm preceiving as leave us alone. And when ever they go out with people (including single women, when the both of them are pratically married0 They never invite me, even if I'm in the house, they just leave and dont tell me a thing. Also they are making a huge double standerd. Currently my house is dry under a nationals imposed probation, but they have wine with dinner all the time. but if i bring in beer they start talking about how that could case the whole chapter to be dissolved. On top of that they had a freind over to drink. Their freind Julie came over, and we drank 2 bottles of wine. but can I have freinds over to drink? HELL NO! WHAT IF THEY TALk!? THEY COULD REPORT US TO NATIONALS, AND WE'D BE DONE FOR!!!!!!!
.......and so could julie....assholes. Its not to say we dont do somethings as brothers, we do play alot of bourd games, but I just feel like I em unwanted sometimes, especially from Nate,

On top of that, my grandma Dorthy is doing really bad, she sleeps about 23 hours a day, and is so far along with alstimers that she cant even keep her mouth closed. I've been told to expect the end in the coming months.

and on top of all that I'm still very single, most of the time I dont mind, but today I really could use a hug, and a kiss or two, and someone other then my livejournal to unload on...oh well.

well such is life, I guess if we dont have bad days we wouldnt appricaite the good ones....but I really could use some good days again.

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